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Financial Freedom form Home

Work toward Financial Freedom with a Home Business
When you start a home business, the first question that probably comes to mind is “how will I ever build my business to earn money and become financially free?” With any home business, financial freedom doesn’t just happen overnight. Whether you’re selling products from your own warehouse or factory, selling e-books (written by you or reselling), or offering a valuable service, there are some home business “musts” for
Research, Research, Research!
If you don’t have a product or service to offer, you can always opt for a ready-made home business. A ready-made home business is one that is set up by another individual or company in which you are trained to sell their products to others. Before delving into a ready-made home business, research many opportunities to find out what types of products and services you’ll be able to offer to your clients.
Don’t jump on every bandwagon you see. Read what each business opportunity has to offer and compare value-added services with the investment required. Find out what’s involved to join, promote, and continue with the business.
Try to find a home business opportunity that you feel comfortable with and will enjoy doing for a long time. If you enjoy your business, you’re more likely to succeed and realize financial freedom.
Choose a Home Business that Fits Your Personality
Not every home business type will be right for you. Choose one that fits your personality. If you enjoy sales and are very good at it, then choose a home business that allows you to interact with others by phone, e-mail, or face to face. The business might include direct sales to the end consumer, business-to-business sales, or networking to help others realize financial freedom.
If you would rather promote online and do your own thing without much interaction, then start a home business that allows you to do this. If you prefer to sign on with another company to promote their products or services, find out if they will close the sales for you. If they will do this, you can have freedom to promote and build the business doing what you love the most.
Work Diligently from Home
Once you decide on the type of business, it’s time to work! Put your best foot forward when starting a home business. Don’t assume that working from home will be easy. To have a real business, you must really work at it. Create a business plan and set realistic goals to earn money and achieve financial freedom over a period of time. Then spend much time finding ways to promote your business for real results. Beware of promotional companies that sound too good to be true. There are some very dependable promotional companies, but there are also many scams. Research a company before paying into their programs. Look for companies that have been around a while and have a good reputation. Ask around in discussion forums (related to your type of business) for advice and resources on promotion.
Create a Steady Cash System
Once you promote your home business a while and start getting sales, determine what you’ll need to do to create a steady cash system for the future. Find ways to maximize your efforts. Create more content for your website that will attract additional search engine traffic. Start an e-zine (electronic newsletter) to gain repeat visitors to your website. Add more products or services to get repeat business. These will help you continue in success for the long run. Your income will be steady and you’ll be able to make money from home on a full-time basis.
Continuing Education
Learn all you can about your business and products. If you’re selling e-books that were written by others, read as many of them as you can so you’ll know the quality and details of the items you are selling. If offering a service, learn how to offer the best service possible. You can easily order home study courses to help you learn new trades or improve on your skills. The more you know about your business and products, the better you’ll be able to promote them and assist your customers when they have questions.
If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to start a home business that brings you satisfaction each day. Financial freedom is sure to follow!
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Attitude Makes A Difference

Hear the great Zig Ziglar talk about the importance of how your “Attitude” plays a roll in the success that your seeking for.


Larry D.Hall

The Concept Of Affiliate Marketing

The Concept Affiliate Marketing

What Super Affiliates & Stores want you to do is
sign-up to their affiliate programs. Once you are
an affiliate, you spend your time & money
sending them customers.

The Super Affiliate or store gets the sale & you
get a commission. Win Win?

No – Win / Loose

And YOU are the looser. You have spent the
time & the money finding customers, & they get
the sale and a customer.

So why are you the looser?

While they utilize the resource (Customer) you
found for them, you have to repeat all your
previous efforts to find another customer.

Yes customers are resources if handled
correctly this sale was just the first of many.
This customer has already proven that they are
ready to buy online & is interested in the
product they have purchased.

The difference between an Affiliate & a Super

A Newbie affiliate has not collected any
information from this prospect.

A Super Affiliate has their email & knows what
they are interested in, many times even if they
didn’t make a purchase.

If no purchase was made the Newbie Affiliate
gets nothing!

How do I become a Super Affiliate?

Stop throwing away your hard work for pennies
on the dollar!

Many affiliate marketers are very happy to
receive their commission checks & are blind to
the potential. They either don’t see the potential
or they figure it is too complicated to emulate
the Super Affiliates.

Well its not complicated & there is a huge

Capturing a Resource

There are many techniques for acquiring
peoples details but first & foremost you need an
auto responder – Please don’t waste your time
with auto responder scripts, they just don’t offer
the features you will need if you are going to list
build efficiently. There are several auto
responder services & I encourage you to
compare, I personally recommend AWebber, as
it easily integrates with all the major payment

Having an auto responder is one thing using it
efficiently is another.

If you are already selling something then
integrating the auto responder with your
payment service is critical. You have a
customer, & you know what they are interested
in, so now its just a simple case of offering
them additional products or services related to
the original sale.

If you are a regular affiliate as in the business
model above DON’T send your prospects to the
merchants sales page. You know what they are
looking for so send them to a landing page,
commonly referred to as a Squeeze Page.

On the Squeeze Page you should offer them
added value, & an easy way out to go to the
merchants site. This technique will save the
sale if your squeeze page is not compelling
enough, a simple “Not Interested” button will

Added value would be a product comparison, if
the product you are promoting has competition
join their affiliate program & compare the two
products. You could also offer additional
information about the product itself.

Whatever you offer once the potential customer
has signed up to your list or hit the not
interested button forward them on to the
original affiliate url.

If your squeeze page is compelling you now
have everything you need to monetize this
prospect. Set up your auto responder to send
offers & information relating to the original

It is not hard & the rewards are well worth the

Welcome to Super Affiliate Status!

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

who’s Your Customers?

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Before you start building your business; you
need to determine your targeted market and
know your potential customers. Learn how to
know your customers to develop effective
tactics for delivering your message to them.

You can start getting to know your customers
by taking some very simple steps.
Determine in advance where your potential customers congregate.
What newsletter they
read? What forums they visit and post to? What else might do while surfing the net?

The best places where you find your prospects
are forums, discussion groups and discussion
boards. Visit forums of your targeted market
and figure out:

– What’s your potential customers’ problem?
What they are looking for? – What kind of
business they are involved in? – How they want
their problem to be solved? – What words they

Only by knowing your customers’ wants and
needs you can successfully grow your business
and be totally customer-oriented. In order to
tailor your marketing and advertising strategies
to appeal to the tastes and interests of your
market, you must first identify your customer.

Relationship is not only based on knowing who
your visitors are, but on knowing your
customers’ and prospects’ specific needs.

To Your Success.

Larry D.Hall