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Dealing With “FEAR”

Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fear torments you once you accept it, and I
chose the word “accept”, because you do have
a choice, whether to accept, or reject fear.

Many network marketers today now have the
option of doing their network marketing
business on the internet, many years ago it was
not like this. Even at that time, network
marketers had to deal with their fear.

How to deal with fear?


Make a list of all of your fears, writing as fast as
you can to block the internal censor. Include
EVERY fear, however small or irrational. Then
read them aloud, suspending judgment. Allow
yourself to feel the fear without grabbing onto
the hot air balloon. Notice that being afraid
does not have to mean losing ground.
If it feels comfortable, share your list with a
friend. Before sharing your list, explain that you
simply want a witness, that you are playing with
how it is to acknowledge your fears without
being pulled off center by them. Be clear that
you are not asking for help and that you do not
need advice. You do not need to be fixed. Ask
your friend to simply listen, and to acknowledge
you for being conscious of your fears.

Now, you have the opportunity to sort your
fears by type. Work through your list, labeling
each fear as:

— Fear 1

— Fear 2

— Not sure, or includes aspects of both types of

Writing down your fears is a powerful step in
dealing with fears and anxiety and eventually
managing them. Until you write them down,
they are like so many vehicles in gridlock. Once
you have them on paper, you can park some
and move others, clearing a space for forward
movement. In this way, writing down your fears
creates a space for awareness and choice. (Tip:
Refrain from judging yourself or your fears. Just
list and label them.)

— Fear 1 is often about saving face. Fear 2 is
about stepping out of your comfort zone.

— Fear 1 triggers avoidance of the facts. Fear 2
heightens awareness and perception.

— Fear 1 wants you just to stop. Fear 2 wants
you to move forward powerfully and safely.

— Fear 1 magnifies danger and vulnerability.
Fear 2 calls on our capacity to respond to

— Fear 1 originates in our ego mind. Fear 2 is a
whole-system response.

Both types of fear are present in many
situations. What is important is to use your
powers of assessment and discrimination to
turn down the volume on Fear 1 while calling on
Fear 2 for the energy and focus to move
forward. With practice, you can actually
transform Fear 1 into Fear 2 by focusing and
accurately assessing the real risk and your real

For example, Fear 1 makes a terrified skier (and
I speak from experience!), see a shear drop
where the slope is actually quite moderate.
When the skier stops and measures the actual
slope by holding her pole parallel to it, she
increases her awareness of actual conditions,
reducing the influence of Fear 1. By continuing
to examine the slope, seeing in her mind’s eye
how she would ski the slope if she chose to,
she further reduces panic. When at last she
takes off down the hill, trusting in her
competence and in her assessment of the
challenge, she completes her shift from Fear 1
(panic) into Fear 2 (concentrated exhilaration).

Learning to deal with fears in this manner takes
practice. The pay off is potentially unlimited as
you remove barriers to learning, performance
and joy.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall