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For The Love Of Money

Here’s a Great Song!

I used this song as a warm up before persenting my “Business Opportunity” to a “Group”.

What’s your warm up song?

Friendship Marketing

English: Detail of illustration by Dan Beard i...

English: Detail of illustration by Dan Beard in Cosmopolitan Magazine, December 16, 1893. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friendship Marketing

Have you found out the most important element
to your success with internet marketing?
Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT the high
tech stuff. The most important element is the
human being at the other side with his credit
card in hand ready to buy!

If you want to establish a relationship with your
prospects, you first find the target niche market
where your customers are most likely to be and
gain their trust. You probably already know that
because it’s just common sense!

Remember back when your sister, girlfriend,
female coworker, etc. picked up the latest
Cosmopolitan magazine, they are so absorbed
into it and their conversation goes like this:

“Like, oh my god, those ten dirty sex secrets will
totally please my boyfriend. I can’t wait to try
these secrets, tonight is going to be truly mind-blowing! This writer is a real sexpert!”

Then her friend catches her enthusiasm and
will say, “Oh my god, I have to get that issue!”

Let’s see what’s happening here.

1. The writer gains credibility in the market
(mostly for the females) by having an article in
a woman’s magazine.

2. The reader relates to the writer because they
both tried five of the secrets mentioned in the

3. Cosmopolitan and the writer get free
advertisement because the reader’s excitement
is so intense that her friends decide to buy or
subscribe to the magazine.

You see, unlike a cold-calling telemarketer, the
writer here establishes a relationship with
hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of
female readers.

And what would happen when Cosmopolitan
decides to mail out a book and CD set from the
writer to its millions of subscribers?

Out of a million subscribers, some of them read
the writer’s articles regularly, and out of that,
some would pay top dollars for the CD set and
book to improve their lagging sex life.

Contrast this with the telemarketer and
spammer approach, they randomly call and
email people who have may have a desire for
their product if they get lucky. But we are in the
internet marketing business to get real results,
NOT to get lucky.

The same holds true for the human relationship
with your internet marketing busines. But
instead of magazines you can submit tou
articles to e-zines and
relate to your readers.

Those that like you and your article will have a
much higher chance contacting you and
responding to your message than some
stranger that sends them a strange link. You
can also give your readers an incentive to opt in
to your mailing list by providing them a free
report, tips and advice, and e-books.

Once they have subscribed to your mailing list,
you can then send them messages about their
interests and keep them up to date. In that way,
you’ll form a bond with your subscribers.

From that, your prospects will see that you care
about them, you relate to their specific
situation, and you are actually a friend helping
him out. From there, your new friend likes you,
his defenses are down, and then you make the
magic move:

Convert him into a paying friend!

To Your Success

Larry D.Hall