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Relationship & Content  Marketing Tips

In this article we will
examine “Relationship Marketing and Content Marketing” tips that
you can employ now.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation.

Let your customers know that you like doing
business with them and that you value them
greatly, you need to do small things all the time.
Small gestures like sending a thank you card, or
email, are highly effective. To put it differently,
be kind and welcoming and do something they
will like. It could be a simple little thing like
thanking them. When your clients begin to see
that you want to satisfy them and not simply to
make money, they will view you in a more
positive light and will then be interested in the
rest of your products.

One thing you must always avoid is taking
anyone for granted, and that especially applies
to your customers. We all know, including me,
that it’s our customers that make our
businesses a success. You can’t neglect your
customers and believe they will be loyal to you.
Sure, it takes more effort to build customer
loyalty, but if you can do that then it’s worth it.
The more you work at showing them that you
sincerely care about them, then eventually they
will come to believe in you. Always try to show
your customers that you don’t take them for

You must understand that relationship
marketing is so effective because it allows you
to reach out to new customers through the
power of referrals from existing customers. For
every new person you contact and work with,
there is a new opportunity to spread the word
about your products.

Once you please that first customer, you’ve set
the wheels in motion. When done well,
relationship marketing is a powerful tool for
promoting your business. There really isn’t a
better way to get the word out about your
business and products.

It is interesting to note that there’s a non-marketing aspect to relationship marketing. It’s
a way to nurture the already created
relationships in such a way that you reach new
heights of business. It’s easy to sell to existing
customers, and that is why you should never
drop the relationship marketing ball with them.

“Good Content is the key to building Relationships”

Tech-savvy people abhor intrusive marketing,
and they hate being sold to. They like to make
their own choices. Content marketing is about
earning the interest of users by providing
something valuable, and it is in direct contrast
to the conventional marketing approach of
pushing the products to the users. Businesses
that succeed in creating compelling,
entertaining and useful content will always
benefit from content marketing.

The advent of Internet and ecommerce has
changed the way in which consumers interact
with brands. You do not have the ability to push
your content to the users; you can only increase
your chances of being found by them. A low-quality content that is rich in keywords can help
you attract visitors, but it won’t result into leads
or conversions. There is not much chance of a
visitor clicking on any of your links on a boring
page that is bristling with grammatical errors.

Your first objective should be creating content
that entertains or educates the visitor. Sure, you
can voice opinions that entice the visitor to
click on your link of comment on your views.
But you need a fine balance. Though blogs,
video logs, articles, forum posts or social media
comments sound too much like marketing may
turn off a large chunk of your visitors. You don’t
want that.

Content marketing is an effective tool for
building trust, which translates to increased
sales and customer loyalty down the road.
When paired with a strong product or service
offering and a customer-focused attitude, these
Three strategies will go a long way toward
creating the trusting customer relationships
your business depends on.

Avoid “marketing speak.”

Prospects have become increasingly wary of
overblown marketing statements like “world
class” or “industry leading”. Instead of
peppering your marketing materials with broad,
hyperbolic statements, focus on presenting
specific facts and information about why your
product or service is unique in the marketplace.
Demonstrating the potential for hard-dollar
savings is particularly effective in tough
economic times.

Give good advice.

Your experience and expertise are a valuable
resource for your customers and prospects. Don’t
hide this knowledge from your prospects; share
it with them for free in the form of white papers,
articles and webinars. The fact that you
possess this wealth of knowledge shows them
you can be trusted. They’ll reward your
generosity with brand loyalty and increased

Build relationships over time.

Concentrate the
bulk of your efforts on establishing
relationships, not making sales. This can be
done through ongoing offers of informational
content such as monthly newsletters, a series
of podcasts or regularly-distributed white
papers and special reports.

Even traditionally ‘sales-y’ marketing methods
such as direct mail and email can benefit from
content marketing. Consider pairing your sales
letters with at least one content offer. For
example, a sales letter could still tout the
benefits of your products and services – but it
could also include a tear-off form to request
your latest informational white paper.
Tempering your sales message with useful
content shows prospects you’re not just out to
make the deal, you’re also on their side and
eager to help. It’s that spirit of helpfulness that
will help you earn your prospects’ long-term

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall


Relationship Marketing

We all know that people want to do business
with those that they like and trust, we have
been taught this by the greatest sales trainers
in the world. How do we get people to like and
trust us? By showing appreciation. A simple
thank you goes a long way in gaining the trust
and respect of someone you are doing business
with. Did you know the top two reasons why
someone stops doing business with you?

The first is that they felt you took their business
for granted – you didn’t show them any
appreciation. The second is that they forgot
about you! We all work so hard to get a new
customer, that we sometimes forget the most
important part of the business transaction is to
now develop the relationship with that
customer. How often do you get a thank you
card, or a thinking of you card from someone
you did business with? I don’t know about you,
but when I go to my mailbox, it is a rare
occasion to find a personal card. In fact, 97% of
the mail we receive is junk mail, only 3% is

In the competitive market customers usually
have many options for the same product or
service to choose from. In such case where the
customer is entitled to make a selective
decision, businesses try to maintain their
clients by providing comparatively better
products and service which is known as
relationship marketing. Relationship marketing
is the strategy of improving the relation with the
existing or key customers than trying to find
new customers (direct marketing). Relationship
marketing uses various techniques like sales,
marketing, customer care, communication etc
to study the need of the customer and how it
can change under various circumstances. It is
all about maintaining and building trust with the
customers. Once customers trust on your
product or service, their chances on switching
to other company is relatively less. According
to a research the cost of retaining an old
customer is much less than the cost of getting
a new customer which is the key focus of
relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing is one of the best forms
of marketing. It benefits you and your
prospects. It saves on cost. The cost of
maintaining an old customer is 10% of that of
marketing for new customers. When you
maintain a trust within your customers, there
are chances of them recommending it to others
also known as Viral Marketing. With
relationship marketing there are higher
conversion rates (the rate of changing a
prospect into client).

You can use relationship marketing approach
to customize programs for individual
customers. For an example: You have a regular
visitor/customer on your site, at some point she
stops. There’s a point to ponder why this
certain customer has stopped visiting your
website, is it your content or has she found an
alternative source or is she just not interested
anymore. You should check on this or may be
interact with the customer and get her
feedback. If making some changes or
improving some aspects of your site will bring
this customer back then your goal’s been
achieved, if not you continue working towards
it. When this customer actually purchases
something, then you can take this as a very
significant change in behavior. You have
achieved a better relationship now. When this
happens you can thank the customer for the
trust she has displayed and perhaps provide a
second purchase discount or other benefits so
that this customer sticks on. If you can track
customer behavior or predict them you can
start a better marketing campaign accordingly.
The cost of this process is less compared to
other marketing methods and the money you
spend is more effective as well. You can divide
the type of customers into different groups like
prospects, customer, client, supporter,
advocate and partner which is known as “The
relationship ladder of customer loyalty”.

To Your Success

Larry D.Hall

The Concept Of Affiliate Marketing

The Concept Affiliate Marketing

What Super Affiliates & Stores want you to do is
sign-up to their affiliate programs. Once you are
an affiliate, you spend your time & money
sending them customers.

The Super Affiliate or store gets the sale & you
get a commission. Win Win?

No – Win / Loose

And YOU are the looser. You have spent the
time & the money finding customers, & they get
the sale and a customer.

So why are you the looser?

While they utilize the resource (Customer) you
found for them, you have to repeat all your
previous efforts to find another customer.

Yes customers are resources if handled
correctly this sale was just the first of many.
This customer has already proven that they are
ready to buy online & is interested in the
product they have purchased.

The difference between an Affiliate & a Super

A Newbie affiliate has not collected any
information from this prospect.

A Super Affiliate has their email & knows what
they are interested in, many times even if they
didn’t make a purchase.

If no purchase was made the Newbie Affiliate
gets nothing!

How do I become a Super Affiliate?

Stop throwing away your hard work for pennies
on the dollar!

Many affiliate marketers are very happy to
receive their commission checks & are blind to
the potential. They either don’t see the potential
or they figure it is too complicated to emulate
the Super Affiliates.

Well its not complicated & there is a huge

Capturing a Resource

There are many techniques for acquiring
peoples details but first & foremost you need an
auto responder – Please don’t waste your time
with auto responder scripts, they just don’t offer
the features you will need if you are going to list
build efficiently. There are several auto
responder services & I encourage you to
compare, I personally recommend AWebber, as
it easily integrates with all the major payment

Having an auto responder is one thing using it
efficiently is another.

If you are already selling something then
integrating the auto responder with your
payment service is critical. You have a
customer, & you know what they are interested
in, so now its just a simple case of offering
them additional products or services related to
the original sale.

If you are a regular affiliate as in the business
model above DON’T send your prospects to the
merchants sales page. You know what they are
looking for so send them to a landing page,
commonly referred to as a Squeeze Page.

On the Squeeze Page you should offer them
added value, & an easy way out to go to the
merchants site. This technique will save the
sale if your squeeze page is not compelling
enough, a simple “Not Interested” button will

Added value would be a product comparison, if
the product you are promoting has competition
join their affiliate program & compare the two
products. You could also offer additional
information about the product itself.

Whatever you offer once the potential customer
has signed up to your list or hit the not
interested button forward them on to the
original affiliate url.

If your squeeze page is compelling you now
have everything you need to monetize this
prospect. Set up your auto responder to send
offers & information relating to the original

It is not hard & the rewards are well worth the

Welcome to Super Affiliate Status!

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

who’s Your Customers?

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Before you start building your business; you
need to determine your targeted market and
know your potential customers. Learn how to
know your customers to develop effective
tactics for delivering your message to them.

You can start getting to know your customers
by taking some very simple steps.
Determine in advance where your potential customers congregate.
What newsletter they
read? What forums they visit and post to? What else might do while surfing the net?

The best places where you find your prospects
are forums, discussion groups and discussion
boards. Visit forums of your targeted market
and figure out:

– What’s your potential customers’ problem?
What they are looking for? – What kind of
business they are involved in? – How they want
their problem to be solved? – What words they

Only by knowing your customers’ wants and
needs you can successfully grow your business
and be totally customer-oriented. In order to
tailor your marketing and advertising strategies
to appeal to the tastes and interests of your
market, you must first identify your customer.

Relationship is not only based on knowing who
your visitors are, but on knowing your
customers’ and prospects’ specific needs.

To Your Success.

Larry D.Hall