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“Free” can mean a lot of things. For the
discussion today, let’s talk about really free, not
spend-money-and-then-make-more-back-so-that-your-leads-don’t-really-cost-you-anything free.

Common forms of ‘free’ marketing lead
generation include social media, press releases,
ads in online classifieds, article marketing,
videos and podcasts.

The one thing they all have in common is…they
are NOT free.

They may not cost any money, but they
certainly cost, and you should know the high
price of free network marketing traffic.

Using these free lead generation methods
means creating content. To create effective
content you end up investing time to:

Learn to do effective keyword research
Learn to write compelling headlines
Learn to write value-added content

Most of us don’t fall from the sky knowing these
things. It’s not rocket science, and there is a lot
of good resources out there to learn how to do
it, but it takes time and practice to gain a level
of proficiency that will attract eyes and inspire

Next hurdle is the sheer volume of content
needed to raise your hand high enough above
the crowd to stand out. Only a few years ago a
handful of articles would be enough to set you
apart. Now a base of several hundred articles is
needed. Even with consistent daily content
creation, this takes time.

It takes time to hone your skills, attract an
audience and build a following. There are
shortcuts in the form of quality training, but
even with that there is a price to pay.

Should this discourage you from using free lead
generation methods? Absolutely not.

Cutting your teeth on these free methods is a
great way to hone your headline and
copywriting skills so that when you do reach
the point where you are ready to increase your
marketing budget you will be able to leverage
that investment.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall


Viral marketing is a good bit about winning
hearts and minds. It is widely touted as the new
way to increase market penetration and build
brand awareness in the internet space. Viral
marketing is not about wasting people’s time; it
is instead about giving something that want to
spend time on. It is not only putting yourself out
there with some free information, but its
utilizing the “coolness” factor by getting people
to write about you and spread the word, in this
case the iPhone. Viral marketing is always as
effective as others say it if it would be done

A good example of viral marketing is many of
the free email services available on the internet.
Free e-mail services, free information, free
“cool” buttons, free software programs that
perform powerful functions but not as much as
you get in the “pro” version. The strategy is
simple: Give away free e-mail addresses and
services, attach a simple tag at the bottom of
every free message sent out: “Get your private,
free email at….. Free Internet marketing
resources, web site development tutorials,
commerce strategies & software solutions.
Gives away valuable products or services.”
“Free” is the most powerful word in a marketer’s
vocabulary. They may not profit today, or
tomorrow, but if they can generate a
groundswell of interest from something free,
they know they will profit “soon and for the rest
of their lives” (with apologies to “Casablanca”).
The beauty about all this is that it is free

Article marketing is not yet fully understood as
being one of the best ways to advertise your
website: even better than pay per click
advertising. Articles as a viral marketing tool A
very successful strategy is the development of
articles and tutorials such as these. Article
Marketing: the new web marketing frontier that
works. Authors, who give away free articles,
seek to position their articles on others’ web
pages. A news release can be picked up by
hundreds of periodicals and form the basis of
articles seen by hundreds of thousands of
readers. Submitting articles to Article Archives
and eZine Publishers submitting articles you
have written is one of the quickest and easiest
ways to get instant FREE publicity to your web
site and is also an excellent way to get links
back to your site without linking back.

The core concept of video marketing on
YouTube is to harness the power of the site’s
traffic. There are tens of thousands of videos
uploaded to YouTube each day (I’ve heard
estimates between 10-65,000 videos per day).
It seems obvious, but people see hundreds of
videos on YouTube, and the title and thumbnail
are an easy way for video publishers to actively
persuade someone to click on a video. Have
you ever watched a video with 100,000 views
on YouTube and thought to yourself: “How the
hell did that video get so many views. When
views start trailing off after a few days to a
week, it’s time to add some more generic tags,
tags that draw out the long tail of a video as it
starts to appear in search results on YouTube
and Google. For the first week that a video is
online, we don’t use keyword tags to optimize
the video for searches on YouTube. I’m not
talking about obscure tags; I’m talking about
unique tags, tags that are not used by any other
YouTube videos.

A large proportion of everyone’s friends and
family members are now online or soon will be.
An Epidemic of “Viral Marketing” Getting Web
users to pass ads and promos on to friends is
effective and cheap — perfect for today’s dot-coms. Social scientists tell us that each person
has a network of 8 to 12 people in their close
network of friends, family, and associates. A
marketer does something and a consumer tells
five or ten friends. Three of those friends might
tell a friend. AND I will forward this article to my
marketing friends. For years marketers have
their friends at newspapers when they want to
leak stories, I’m sure it’s not a leap to work out
who picks content at video sharing companies
and put them on the entertainment list too.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

Marketing is the process of knowing who will
identify with your offer, developing your image,
positioning yourself to be seen, and connecting
with your target market.

Marketing is not only about hard skills but soft
skills. Why do you need to learn personal
development? If you’re solo entrepreneurs, you
are the main focus in your business, not only
your products or service. When you improve
your EQ (emotional quotient), you improve your
emotional maturity. You will start to look
different in your posture and tone. You will be
more confident, and you will have genuine
heart. You unearth your hidden personality,
characters and polish them.

Many think leadership is about bragging:
power, title, wealth or income. Do you think that
money is attractive? There are many marketing
messages that talk about money. I stay away
from people who use money as their attraction
marketing. What if you don’t have all of those?
Yes, You can start leadership marketing from
the bottom by serving and caring for others.
Look at what you have to offer. Make your offer
unique and different, which reflects about you.
You will attract people by giving free offer and
show them who you are and your authenticity.
Use your emotion well by showing kind
gestures. The world needs empathy these days.

When you pull from a position of power – in
front of the wagon, you’re bound to get
somewhere. You can direct the team if you’re in
the front. You can’t direct anything from the
back, because the steering mechanism is in the
front. Move out front and take the lead.

Quick action based on sound experience will
take you where you want to go. Those leaders
who don’t know what direction they’re going
won’t be able to get there. They don’t have a
road map and they can’t lead from a position of

A leader offers the team hope and inspiration.
Decide today to be the leader that offers a
positive experience, and make a great
difference in someone’s life. When you do, you
will also see a change in your own life. Start
today to give hope to those who have no faith,
offer encouragement to those who are afraid,
inspire others by helping them discover their

A leader helps the team plan for success. It is
impossible to know what direction to take, and
how to know when you have reached your
goals without a plan. A map to see which
direction and steps to take is essential to
success. You have to decide where you are now
in your life, and where you want to be. This is
what leaders do for their team. Help them map
out a plan for action. Leaders teach the team
goal setting techniques, and how to develop a
strategic plan for daily, weekly, monthly, and
annual plans of action to help the team reach
goals faster.

You will reap the financial rewards, and see the
profound effect you have that empowers those
around you; when you are a leader who strives
to help members be the best they can be. You
will see your team blossom and shine, and
become a true leader others will follow.
Become a remarkable leader by setting goals
and providing direction for your team.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

Relationship & Content  Marketing Tips

In this article we will
examine “Relationship Marketing and Content Marketing” tips that
you can employ now.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation.

Let your customers know that you like doing
business with them and that you value them
greatly, you need to do small things all the time.
Small gestures like sending a thank you card, or
email, are highly effective. To put it differently,
be kind and welcoming and do something they
will like. It could be a simple little thing like
thanking them. When your clients begin to see
that you want to satisfy them and not simply to
make money, they will view you in a more
positive light and will then be interested in the
rest of your products.

One thing you must always avoid is taking
anyone for granted, and that especially applies
to your customers. We all know, including me,
that it’s our customers that make our
businesses a success. You can’t neglect your
customers and believe they will be loyal to you.
Sure, it takes more effort to build customer
loyalty, but if you can do that then it’s worth it.
The more you work at showing them that you
sincerely care about them, then eventually they
will come to believe in you. Always try to show
your customers that you don’t take them for

You must understand that relationship
marketing is so effective because it allows you
to reach out to new customers through the
power of referrals from existing customers. For
every new person you contact and work with,
there is a new opportunity to spread the word
about your products.

Once you please that first customer, you’ve set
the wheels in motion. When done well,
relationship marketing is a powerful tool for
promoting your business. There really isn’t a
better way to get the word out about your
business and products.

It is interesting to note that there’s a non-marketing aspect to relationship marketing. It’s
a way to nurture the already created
relationships in such a way that you reach new
heights of business. It’s easy to sell to existing
customers, and that is why you should never
drop the relationship marketing ball with them.

“Good Content is the key to building Relationships”

Tech-savvy people abhor intrusive marketing,
and they hate being sold to. They like to make
their own choices. Content marketing is about
earning the interest of users by providing
something valuable, and it is in direct contrast
to the conventional marketing approach of
pushing the products to the users. Businesses
that succeed in creating compelling,
entertaining and useful content will always
benefit from content marketing.

The advent of Internet and ecommerce has
changed the way in which consumers interact
with brands. You do not have the ability to push
your content to the users; you can only increase
your chances of being found by them. A low-quality content that is rich in keywords can help
you attract visitors, but it won’t result into leads
or conversions. There is not much chance of a
visitor clicking on any of your links on a boring
page that is bristling with grammatical errors.

Your first objective should be creating content
that entertains or educates the visitor. Sure, you
can voice opinions that entice the visitor to
click on your link of comment on your views.
But you need a fine balance. Though blogs,
video logs, articles, forum posts or social media
comments sound too much like marketing may
turn off a large chunk of your visitors. You don’t
want that.

Content marketing is an effective tool for
building trust, which translates to increased
sales and customer loyalty down the road.
When paired with a strong product or service
offering and a customer-focused attitude, these
Three strategies will go a long way toward
creating the trusting customer relationships
your business depends on.

Avoid “marketing speak.”

Prospects have become increasingly wary of
overblown marketing statements like “world
class” or “industry leading”. Instead of
peppering your marketing materials with broad,
hyperbolic statements, focus on presenting
specific facts and information about why your
product or service is unique in the marketplace.
Demonstrating the potential for hard-dollar
savings is particularly effective in tough
economic times.

Give good advice.

Your experience and expertise are a valuable
resource for your customers and prospects. Don’t
hide this knowledge from your prospects; share
it with them for free in the form of white papers,
articles and webinars. The fact that you
possess this wealth of knowledge shows them
you can be trusted. They’ll reward your
generosity with brand loyalty and increased

Build relationships over time.

Concentrate the
bulk of your efforts on establishing
relationships, not making sales. This can be
done through ongoing offers of informational
content such as monthly newsletters, a series
of podcasts or regularly-distributed white
papers and special reports.

Even traditionally ‘sales-y’ marketing methods
such as direct mail and email can benefit from
content marketing. Consider pairing your sales
letters with at least one content offer. For
example, a sales letter could still tout the
benefits of your products and services – but it
could also include a tear-off form to request
your latest informational white paper.
Tempering your sales message with useful
content shows prospects you’re not just out to
make the deal, you’re also on their side and
eager to help. It’s that spirit of helpfulness that
will help you earn your prospects’ long-term

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

“Energy For Life”

Please note that this video and my two (2) post on “Commmunitcation” are a demonstration of what “Good Content” is!

Review my post: “Content Matketing, What Is It?” I wanted to show you how as I Stated that Content Marketing is:

“a marketing technique of creating and

distributing relevant and valuable content to

attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined

and understood target audience – with the

objective of driving profitable customer action”.

This Video brings home that point of view.

Learn and Enjoy.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

I’m a great believer that
any tool that enhances
communication has
profound effects in
terms of how people
can learn from each
other, and how they can
achieve the kind of
freedoms that they’re
interested in.

Bill Gates

Take advantage of
every opportunity to
practice your
communication skills
so that when important
occasions arise, you
will have the gift, the
style, the sharpness,
the clarity, and the
emotions to affect
other people.

Jim Rohn


Mind Of An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial thinking is about recognizing
opportunities in the marketplace and understanding
how and when to capitalize on them. Becoming an
entrepreneur is not necessarily an inherent trait. It takes
time to train yourself to use your talents and experience
to see opportunities where others do not. Each
individual possesses a different perspective on
products they would find useful and services they
would like to see perform differently. It can often be just
as profitable to improve upon an existing business. The
advantage here is that you can learn from the mistakes
of competing companies while still borrowing the
positive aspects of their business for your own.
Whether starting a completely new type of business or
expanding on current ideas already in the marketplace,
the key is learning to use your unique perspective to
produce a product or service that provides increased
value to potential customers.

Entrepreneurial thinking is relatively easy to learn. It
involves training your mind to look at products and
services in a different way and understanding how to
improve upon them. How would you change the way a
company you are familiar with is currently conducting
business? Are there complimentary products or
services that you feel would be of value to the same
target market? Train yourself to be continuously
learning about and evaluating other types of
businesses. This is how to create ideas of your own and
gain valuable insight into an industry. Project your
understanding of a given industry into the future to get
an idea for what types of products and services will be
desired down the road. The marketplace of every
industry is continuously changing, and those that have
the foresight, ingenuity, and desire have the potential to
capitalize on the opportunities that develop.

It is never too soon to begin contemplating starting
your own business. This will only encourage your
development as an entrepreneur and help open your
eyes to opportunities in the marketplace that you never
knew existed. The key is to believe in yourself, the idea,
and have the desire to make it into a reality.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall