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“Free” can mean a lot of things. For the
discussion today, let’s talk about really free, not
spend-money-and-then-make-more-back-so-that-your-leads-don’t-really-cost-you-anything free.

Common forms of ‘free’ marketing lead
generation include social media, press releases,
ads in online classifieds, article marketing,
videos and podcasts.

The one thing they all have in common is…they
are NOT free.

They may not cost any money, but they
certainly cost, and you should know the high
price of free network marketing traffic.

Using these free lead generation methods
means creating content. To create effective
content you end up investing time to:

Learn to do effective keyword research
Learn to write compelling headlines
Learn to write value-added content

Most of us don’t fall from the sky knowing these
things. It’s not rocket science, and there is a lot
of good resources out there to learn how to do
it, but it takes time and practice to gain a level
of proficiency that will attract eyes and inspire

Next hurdle is the sheer volume of content
needed to raise your hand high enough above
the crowd to stand out. Only a few years ago a
handful of articles would be enough to set you
apart. Now a base of several hundred articles is
needed. Even with consistent daily content
creation, this takes time.

It takes time to hone your skills, attract an
audience and build a following. There are
shortcuts in the form of quality training, but
even with that there is a price to pay.

Should this discourage you from using free lead
generation methods? Absolutely not.

Cutting your teeth on these free methods is a
great way to hone your headline and
copywriting skills so that when you do reach
the point where you are ready to increase your
marketing budget you will be able to leverage
that investment.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall


Viral marketing is a good bit about winning
hearts and minds. It is widely touted as the new
way to increase market penetration and build
brand awareness in the internet space. Viral
marketing is not about wasting people’s time; it
is instead about giving something that want to
spend time on. It is not only putting yourself out
there with some free information, but its
utilizing the “coolness” factor by getting people
to write about you and spread the word, in this
case the iPhone. Viral marketing is always as
effective as others say it if it would be done

A good example of viral marketing is many of
the free email services available on the internet.
Free e-mail services, free information, free
“cool” buttons, free software programs that
perform powerful functions but not as much as
you get in the “pro” version. The strategy is
simple: Give away free e-mail addresses and
services, attach a simple tag at the bottom of
every free message sent out: “Get your private,
free email at….. Free Internet marketing
resources, web site development tutorials,
commerce strategies & software solutions.
Gives away valuable products or services.”
“Free” is the most powerful word in a marketer’s
vocabulary. They may not profit today, or
tomorrow, but if they can generate a
groundswell of interest from something free,
they know they will profit “soon and for the rest
of their lives” (with apologies to “Casablanca”).
The beauty about all this is that it is free

Article marketing is not yet fully understood as
being one of the best ways to advertise your
website: even better than pay per click
advertising. Articles as a viral marketing tool A
very successful strategy is the development of
articles and tutorials such as these. Article
Marketing: the new web marketing frontier that
works. Authors, who give away free articles,
seek to position their articles on others’ web
pages. A news release can be picked up by
hundreds of periodicals and form the basis of
articles seen by hundreds of thousands of
readers. Submitting articles to Article Archives
and eZine Publishers submitting articles you
have written is one of the quickest and easiest
ways to get instant FREE publicity to your web
site and is also an excellent way to get links
back to your site without linking back.

The core concept of video marketing on
YouTube is to harness the power of the site’s
traffic. There are tens of thousands of videos
uploaded to YouTube each day (I’ve heard
estimates between 10-65,000 videos per day).
It seems obvious, but people see hundreds of
videos on YouTube, and the title and thumbnail
are an easy way for video publishers to actively
persuade someone to click on a video. Have
you ever watched a video with 100,000 views
on YouTube and thought to yourself: “How the
hell did that video get so many views. When
views start trailing off after a few days to a
week, it’s time to add some more generic tags,
tags that draw out the long tail of a video as it
starts to appear in search results on YouTube
and Google. For the first week that a video is
online, we don’t use keyword tags to optimize
the video for searches on YouTube. I’m not
talking about obscure tags; I’m talking about
unique tags, tags that are not used by any other
YouTube videos.

A large proportion of everyone’s friends and
family members are now online or soon will be.
An Epidemic of “Viral Marketing” Getting Web
users to pass ads and promos on to friends is
effective and cheap — perfect for today’s dot-coms. Social scientists tell us that each person
has a network of 8 to 12 people in their close
network of friends, family, and associates. A
marketer does something and a consumer tells
five or ten friends. Three of those friends might
tell a friend. AND I will forward this article to my
marketing friends. For years marketers have
their friends at newspapers when they want to
leak stories, I’m sure it’s not a leap to work out
who picks content at video sharing companies
and put them on the entertainment list too.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

Your time is limited, so
don’t waste it living
someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by
dogma – which is living
with the results of other
people’s thinking. Don’t
let the noise of others’
opinions drown out
your own inner voice.
And most important,
have the courage to
follow your heart and

Steve Jobs

The fact that I can plant
a seed and it becomes
a flower, share a bit of
knowledge and it
becomes another’s,
smile at someone and
receive a smile in
return, are to me
continual spiritual

Leo Buscaglia