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“Scam World”

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This video is posted for the purpose of exposing the “risks”that come with any Online business.

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Relationship & Content  Marketing Tips

In this article we will
examine “Relationship Marketing and Content Marketing” tips that
you can employ now.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation.

Let your customers know that you like doing
business with them and that you value them
greatly, you need to do small things all the time.
Small gestures like sending a thank you card, or
email, are highly effective. To put it differently,
be kind and welcoming and do something they
will like. It could be a simple little thing like
thanking them. When your clients begin to see
that you want to satisfy them and not simply to
make money, they will view you in a more
positive light and will then be interested in the
rest of your products.

One thing you must always avoid is taking
anyone for granted, and that especially applies
to your customers. We all know, including me,
that it’s our customers that make our
businesses a success. You can’t neglect your
customers and believe they will be loyal to you.
Sure, it takes more effort to build customer
loyalty, but if you can do that then it’s worth it.
The more you work at showing them that you
sincerely care about them, then eventually they
will come to believe in you. Always try to show
your customers that you don’t take them for

You must understand that relationship
marketing is so effective because it allows you
to reach out to new customers through the
power of referrals from existing customers. For
every new person you contact and work with,
there is a new opportunity to spread the word
about your products.

Once you please that first customer, you’ve set
the wheels in motion. When done well,
relationship marketing is a powerful tool for
promoting your business. There really isn’t a
better way to get the word out about your
business and products.

It is interesting to note that there’s a non-marketing aspect to relationship marketing. It’s
a way to nurture the already created
relationships in such a way that you reach new
heights of business. It’s easy to sell to existing
customers, and that is why you should never
drop the relationship marketing ball with them.

“Good Content is the key to building Relationships”

Tech-savvy people abhor intrusive marketing,
and they hate being sold to. They like to make
their own choices. Content marketing is about
earning the interest of users by providing
something valuable, and it is in direct contrast
to the conventional marketing approach of
pushing the products to the users. Businesses
that succeed in creating compelling,
entertaining and useful content will always
benefit from content marketing.

The advent of Internet and ecommerce has
changed the way in which consumers interact
with brands. You do not have the ability to push
your content to the users; you can only increase
your chances of being found by them. A low-quality content that is rich in keywords can help
you attract visitors, but it won’t result into leads
or conversions. There is not much chance of a
visitor clicking on any of your links on a boring
page that is bristling with grammatical errors.

Your first objective should be creating content
that entertains or educates the visitor. Sure, you
can voice opinions that entice the visitor to
click on your link of comment on your views.
But you need a fine balance. Though blogs,
video logs, articles, forum posts or social media
comments sound too much like marketing may
turn off a large chunk of your visitors. You don’t
want that.

Content marketing is an effective tool for
building trust, which translates to increased
sales and customer loyalty down the road.
When paired with a strong product or service
offering and a customer-focused attitude, these
Three strategies will go a long way toward
creating the trusting customer relationships
your business depends on.

Avoid “marketing speak.”

Prospects have become increasingly wary of
overblown marketing statements like “world
class” or “industry leading”. Instead of
peppering your marketing materials with broad,
hyperbolic statements, focus on presenting
specific facts and information about why your
product or service is unique in the marketplace.
Demonstrating the potential for hard-dollar
savings is particularly effective in tough
economic times.

Give good advice.

Your experience and expertise are a valuable
resource for your customers and prospects. Don’t
hide this knowledge from your prospects; share
it with them for free in the form of white papers,
articles and webinars. The fact that you
possess this wealth of knowledge shows them
you can be trusted. They’ll reward your
generosity with brand loyalty and increased

Build relationships over time.

Concentrate the
bulk of your efforts on establishing
relationships, not making sales. This can be
done through ongoing offers of informational
content such as monthly newsletters, a series
of podcasts or regularly-distributed white
papers and special reports.

Even traditionally ‘sales-y’ marketing methods
such as direct mail and email can benefit from
content marketing. Consider pairing your sales
letters with at least one content offer. For
example, a sales letter could still tout the
benefits of your products and services – but it
could also include a tear-off form to request
your latest informational white paper.
Tempering your sales message with useful
content shows prospects you’re not just out to
make the deal, you’re also on their side and
eager to help. It’s that spirit of helpfulness that
will help you earn your prospects’ long-term

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

“Energy For Life”

Please note that this video and my two (2) post on “Commmunitcation” are a demonstration of what “Good Content” is!

Review my post: “Content Matketing, What Is It?” I wanted to show you how as I Stated that Content Marketing is:

“a marketing technique of creating and

distributing relevant and valuable content to

attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined

and understood target audience – with the

objective of driving profitable customer action”.

This Video brings home that point of view.

Learn and Enjoy.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

I’m a great believer that
any tool that enhances
communication has
profound effects in
terms of how people
can learn from each
other, and how they can
achieve the kind of
freedoms that they’re
interested in.

Bill Gates

Take advantage of
every opportunity to
practice your
communication skills
so that when important
occasions arise, you
will have the gift, the
style, the sharpness,
the clarity, and the
emotions to affect
other people.

Jim Rohn

“It is a marketing technique of creating and

distributing relevant and valuable content to

attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined

and understood target audience – with the

objective of driving profitable customer action”.

It’s the procedure in which your target audience

locates a piece of your content on the internet

and responds to a call to action which guides

them to your capture page where they can

become a lead. In plain English: this is when

someone finds your content online and decides

to learn more about you and what you have to

offer them. If you have something to offer them

they can become a customer or business


Content marketing can done by different

strategies. Some of the strategies include

blogging, newsletters, ezines, articles, videos

and so on.

Depending on your audience you might choose

to use all or some of the above strategies to

communicate with them

Before releasing any form of content to your

audience, ensure the information is about what

they want not what you think they want. When

you give them what they want they will be

inclined to read or view your content. They will

spend time in absorbing the information

because it is the answer to a problem they need

solutions to.

Here are some examples of what may cause

you to write low quality content:

1. You are writing only to make sure that you are

placing the right percentage of keywords for the

sole intention of your article to rank high. This

will diminish the quality of your article pretty

much automatically, because you are focusing

is on the wrong item. While it’s important that

you know how to use keywords properly, you

need to remember that focusing too much on it

will prevent you to write valuable content.

2. You are writing for the sole purpose of filling up

space to make sure that you will be getting

backlinks to your site. Just writing for the sake

of filling up space will definitely affect the

quality of your content. You will actually get

better backlinks to a good article than to a low

content one.

3. Your writing is solely based on the intention of

selling and not on giving information to the

reader. This will most likely affect the quality of

your article. Do you want to know why? When

was the last time you watched a commercial

that was beneficial to you? When was the last

time you’ve read an advertising slogan that

taught you something? I think the answer is

obvious, isn’t it? Well, it’s the same thing with

your article that is only intended to sell.

My next post will cover:

“Good Content”

To Your Success,

Larry D Hall


Yes, contrary to conventional wisdom you can
accomplish anything in your life you want – you
just can’t accomplish everything – there isn’t
enough time (that is unless you have set the bar
really low). You have to focus on what is
important and why and never give in or up to
outside negative influence or allow inside
negative messages cause you to let go of
hopes, plans or desires.

So, if all of this is true why do so many people
let go of goals, dreams or desires?

Is it fear or insecurity? Could it be that you want
to avoid the rejection of others? Or, is it simply
you just don’t know how to begin?

We all have goals, dreams, plans and desires
whether written in stone or they are just
wandering aimlessly around in our
consciousness. We all want something better
or more whether in our spiritual, financial,
physical life or our relationships. But wanting
will never be enough – you have to create a
“white heat” of passion and desire and then turn
off the inner and outer negative messages that
can often be the only cause of our failure to
begin. I might add that developing the
necessary skills will always be a critical part of
any successful journey into the future. So the
choice is yours – keep getting better and
smarter or accept staying stuck where you are.

Below are simple strategies that can assist
you with achieving your goals and dreams.

Become committed to not procrastinate.

Just making a commitment to not put things off
can be very empowering. If you have a habit of
putting things off, just think about all of the
things that habit has stopped you from
achieving. Now imagine the things that you will
continue to not achieve, if you don’t become
committed to releasing procrastination out of
your life. Now imagine the things that you can
become blessed to achieve if you just make a
commitment to not procrastinate.

Put your goal or dreams in writing.

It is a good idea to keep a journal of your
aspirations. Write in your journal the things that
are related to what you want to achieve. For
example, you could write down the things that
inspire you to reach your goals or dreams. You
could also write down the reasons that you
deserve to reach all that you strive to reach.
You could also keep a list of the things that are
challenging for you. These are the things that
could be a potential obstacle for you. You could
then write down how you will overcome the
challenges. You could also keep track of action
steps that you are going to take to reach your
desired outcome. It is a good idea to write in
your journal often.

Keep your goals or dreams in front of you.

It is not only important to write your aspirations,
but it also important to keep them in front of
you. This could mean something as simple as
writing down your vision weekly on a sticky
note, and putting that sticky note somewhere
where you will continue to see it. If you don’t
keep your goals and dreams in front of you it
can be just like people say “Out of sight out of
mind.” If you don’t continue to keep your future
aspirations in front of you, then you may
become less dedicated to what you are working
toward and get off track. When you keep what
you want to achieve in front of you that can help
to keep things fresh in your mind, and help you
stay inspired and motivated.

Share your goals and dreams.

It is a great idea to share your desires with
others that you know support and believe in
you. This is a form of accountability and can
assist you with staying on track. If you are one
who struggles with procrastination, then
sharing your vision with someone else can help
eliminate procrastination being an obstacle, to
achieving what you want to achieve. Knowing
that you have someone to be accountable to,
can keep you moving.

Don’t give up.

No matter what comes your way it is extremely
important to not give up on what you are
working toward. You deserve to reach your
success, so make it up in your mind that no
matter what obstacles and challenges arise,
giving up on your goals and dreams is not an
option. When you develop that type of mind-set,
it can truly help you become a master of goal
and dream attainment.

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall