Is That Testimonial TRUE?

Is That Testimonial TRUE?

I am going
to go over one of the biggest cons that really
ticks me off to no end. I’m talking about fake
testimonials. Trust me, they are all over the
place. Most are very difficult to pick out
because they are so well done, but a few are so
obvious and others can be uncovered with a
little detective work. This article is going to
cover a few techniques to do just that.

One way to uncover a fake testimonial is to look
at the photo of the person who is giving the
testimonial. The really good cons will dig up a
photo to make the testimonial look more legit.
Trust me, a photo does not make a testimonial
legit. But how do you know? Well, there is a real
simple way to find out. Take the name of the
person who belongs to the photo and plug it
into the Google image search. Most likely, if it’s
a well known marketer, you will see the real
photos of what this person looks like. The
chances that it won’t match the photo on the
testimonial is very great because most cons
don’t bother to do their research on what a
person really looks like.

Another way to pick out the fake testimonials is
to take a snip of the text of the testimonial itself
and plug it into a Google search. See, what a lot
of these cons do is they lift testimonial text off
of another sales page and just put it on their
own page. Should you find that the text appears
on another web site or sales page, there is a
very good chance that this was a lifted

It’s late, you can’t sleep and there’s not a thing
on TV worth watching so you start channel
surfing. You come across a headline on the
guide that says ” Five Minute Millionaire” so you
stop to check it out. You see a TV personality
that used to be on your favorite show saying
this is the greatest product I have ever seen-“John Doe made $5,000,000 in his first month
and only had to work five minutes a day. If you
order our system you to can be just like John

You say to yourself this has to be a great
system and be on the up and up or my favorite
has been actor wouldn’t be pitching it, right?
Wrong! Your favorite actor hasn’t had a
significant role in ten years and is getting paid a
very handsome sum of money to push that
product. He would tell you that you could
become a millionaire selling sand at the beach
if they told him to. Chances are he has never
even seen the course that he is selling.

Think about it for a minute, there is a reason
that these infomercials air late at night.

Most of the information that you get when you
purchase a get-rich-quick scam is either
outdated or useless information that won’t do
you a bit of good or information that if you
really tried you could find for free. They only
give you half of the story, they don’t tell you that
if you want to buy and sell this in your state the
rules will be different than what we have shown
you here.

You have just been lied to. You were just shown
the hoax and given the first tagline of the scam
that is going to try and pull you in and take your

Remember what your mother always told you ”
if it sounds too good to be true, chances are
that it probably is”.

Did you get short changed on your last Internet
Marketing purchase, you know, the one that
claimed to make you filthy rich. Did you plunk
down $300, $600, $1000 or more only to find
out later that it was all smoke & mirrors. I hate
to say this, because it makes my blood boil, but
you are not alone.


To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall


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