Can You Spot A “Fake”?

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know that most girls
fake it most of the times and never have a real

Here are 2 steps in knowing the “Truth”.

1) Mental seduction- This is one of the most
important aspects of giving a girl an orgasm.

Therefore the very first
step into giving a girl an orgasm is to connect with her
mentally. The mind has the
ultimate control over the whole human body
and the mind is responsible for human orgasms.

The perfect example of this is when most
people think of several
sexual situations, making love or just a
romantic atmosphere. If thoughts can make
you orgasm, they can surely
make you orgasm during real sex.

Remember a
good combination of the mind and body is
extremely important to give a girl an orgasm.

2) Maintenance step- The very next step towards
giving a girl an orgasm is to maintain that
mental state and connection you have formed
with her. The best way to connect mentally with
almost any girl is to discuss in detail how much
you love her and what she means to you. Girls
never orgasm unless they have emotions
involved in the whole act. Therefore make it a
point to show affection and it’s also good to
discuss fantasies.

Simple Signs Her Orgasms are REAL!

The truth is, ANYONE can fake sounds, screams
and body movements, right? It’s true…and as
we saw in “When Harry Met Sally“, some
women are REALLY good at it too! But there are
signs of a genuine orgasm, and they are almost
IMPOSSIBLE to fake! (as unless she’s from
another planet.

Her Skin Will Become Flush With Color

An easy sign – you will see her skin turn a
reddish color as GENUINE arousal sweeps
through her nervous system.

Her Skin Will Lightly Perspire

Same thing! Now of course, this COULD be from
the temperature in the room, too..:-) But
seriously, as a woman approaches orgasm, her
skin reddens, becomes flush and begins to
lightly perspire as her internal thermostat tries
to tap DOWN the heat you are causing her!

Her pupils will start to dilate!

Yes this is true, too…and has NOTHING to do
with dating the girl from the “EXORCIST”
either..:-) Another sign is her breathing will
become shallow, and NOT wildly crazy like you
see so often when someone on “film” is faking
an orgasm!

To Your Success,

Larry D.Hall

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