who’s Your Customers?

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Before you start building your business; you
need to determine your targeted market and
know your potential customers. Learn how to
know your customers to develop effective
tactics for delivering your message to them.

You can start getting to know your customers
by taking some very simple steps.
Determine in advance where your potential customers congregate.
What newsletter they
read? What forums they visit and post to? What else might do while surfing the net?

The best places where you find your prospects
are forums, discussion groups and discussion
boards. Visit forums of your targeted market
and figure out:

– What’s your potential customers’ problem?
What they are looking for? – What kind of
business they are involved in? – How they want
their problem to be solved? – What words they

Only by knowing your customers’ wants and
needs you can successfully grow your business
and be totally customer-oriented. In order to
tailor your marketing and advertising strategies
to appeal to the tastes and interests of your
market, you must first identify your customer.

Relationship is not only based on knowing who
your visitors are, but on knowing your
customers’ and prospects’ specific needs.

To Your Success.

Larry D.Hall


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